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Our full grooming package is suitable for all breeds of dogs and includes :

• Pre-groom assessment and brush through
• Bath and dry
• Clipper/Scissor style and finish as per breed requirements or owner’s
• Hygiene trim (hair removed from the eyes, ears and ‘delicate’ areas)
• Nails cut
• Ears cleaned


We can also carry out expressing of anal

glands during the bathing process if required




We carry a full range of professional grooming shampoos , including Fruit Scented, Oil of Evening Primrose (for sensitive skin) Aromatherapy shampoo (for nervous dogs) and also shampoos to enhance the natural colour of your dogs coat.


All packages are tailor made to your dog’s individual needs and requirements.
If there is something else you require ..... just give us a call!





Recommended for ‘in-between’ full grooming to maintain a healthy, glossy coat. Includes:
• Pre-groom assessment and brush through
• Bath and dry
• Hygiene trim



This package is designed to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming. Includes:

• Pre-groom assessment and brush through • Hygiene trim
• Nails cut • Bath and dry



Introduce your dog to happy, healthy gums and teeth.

Your dog will be provided with his own toothbrush and toothpaste for you to continue with, ensuring good dental hygiene



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